Blairwood, 9300 Blairwood Road, Louisville KY 40222


Team Area Set Up Volunteer check-in at 4:00pm

Age Group Parent Volunteer check-in at 4:15pm.

Swimmer check-in at 4:15pm.

Blarwood Warm Ups at 4:30pm.

All other Parent Volunteers check-in at 5:00pm.

Meet starts at 5:30pm.


- Parking is available in the Blairwood parking lot and along Blairwood Road on the Drury Inn side of the road.

- No Parking is allowed on the Red Roof Inn side of Blairwood Road.

- Please do not block any entrances to businesses or apartments.

- Please do not leave any valuables in your car.

Swimmer Reminders

  1. -HAWAIIAN THEME: Dress-up Hawaiian-style and enter the contest. Prizes for best-dressed girl, best-dressed boy, and Most Spirited Age Group Tent.

  2. -Bring warm clothes to help stay warm, especially after sun goes down.

  3. -Wear your Blairwood suit, red Blairwood cap, and goggles.

  4. -Bring extra towels to stay dry and warm between events.

  5. -Come well-rested and bring any snacks and water you’ll need. Food and beverages will be available for purchase at the meet, but you’ll want to pack your own water and nutritious snacks.

  6. -Parents should bring a copy of the Heat Sheet and Sharpie markers (to write names and events on swimmers).

  7. -Optional items to bring: sunscreen, extra goggles, activities for swimmers between events (e.g., books, cards, etc.).